Thursday, January 29, 2009

UK to feel recession the hardest

Hands up who is surprised, given the 'talents' we have had governing us:

Take one example of their motoring policy:

Figures released to The Daily Telegraph show that the changes to the Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) will affect nearly seven in 10 of the country's 26 million drivers.

Many of those who will be most heavily penalised by the rises are people on low incomes, who could have to pay up to an extra £245 a year to tax the family car.

We know that over the last few years our great leaders have been trying to shaft us through the medium of man-made climate change. It is, in my opinion, nothing more than a rather convenient way to raise our taxes and tell us what to do. And central to this was the tedious, mind numbing push to get us all to stop driving our cars.

And then what happens?
Business Secretary Lord Mandelson has outlined a package of government support for the UK car industry potentially worth up to £2.3bn.

The package includes a scheme to unlock £1.3bn of loans from Europe for car manufacturers and major suppliers.

He said the government would also guarantee up to £1bn of further loans.

Yes. The car industry goes tits up, more people lose their jobs and Labour get all protectionist. Why did you try fuck them up in the first place?

One industry which has been suffering for a while because of the socially inept killjoys millions of people mistakenly vote for is the pub trade.

If we take the figures from September 2008:
Pub closures have soared to a record high – 36 a week – as drinkers choose to buy cut-price alcohol for consumption at home.

The British Beer and Pub Association said 936 pubs ceased trading in the first six months of 2008. Pubs are shutting nine times faster than in 2006 and 18 times faster than in 2005.

Publicans complain they have been hit by the smoking ban, rising rent and fuel bills, and aggressive discounting by supermarkets.

One could be cynical and say that MPs don't want us to congregate together and loosen our tongues for fear of expressing dissatisfaction with our lot.

Or we could say that MPs are a bunch of boring, yet hypocritical, bastards, content with their subsidised bars just a hop, skip and a trip from their office, who nevertheless would like the rest of us to be teetotal, non smoking, lettuce munching lobotomised, morons. [At this point I would like to stress that Trixy considers herself only to be two out of the five. You can decide for yourself which ones.]

It beggars belief that only months before an official recession, with these claims by the IMF that the UK will be the hardest hit, (but I pray to sweet jesus that the Labour Party will suffer the most) pubs are still having to protest against tax rises. Where is the common sense that says if jobs are being lost, don't raise taxes to guarantee even more do?

But then, with this monstrosity,
is it any wonder common sense left a long time ago?


subrosa said...

It's all about the New World Order trixy. I used to think that was a conspiracy but Gordon Brown openly uses the term now.

I read something this week (can't remember where) about our freedom of speech being eroded. It certainly is.

Don't get me started about Lord Eames. I've wound up enough at the fact the Scottish budget fell last night because labour played party games instead of thinking about the good of the people of Scotland. Typical labour.

The Penguin said...

I don't believe in the New World Order or Lizards or Scientology or Some Cunt With A Beard On A Fluffy Cloud.

I do believe Brown in mental.

But thank goodness he did away with Boom and Bust, or we'd really be in a spot of bother.

The Penguin.