Friday, January 16, 2009

Hateful woman makes unsurprising decision

Just down the road from the Palace of Westminster is Charing Cross, the site of a pillory which, given the news from the hateful Harriet Harman, embarrassment to every woman alive, should be brought back.

From Mr E:

And so it is today. While all this Heathrow shit goes on, and the moronic John McDonnell channels the spirit of Ron Brown, MPs are quietly refilling the gravy boat...And in order to prevent us from seeing receipts for what they buy, the Freedom of Information Act must be altered - for precisely which purpose the egregious Jack Straw has today laid a Statutory Instrument before the Commons.

Bit back of the queue, these MPs.

Why they think that they should be able to spend our - OUR - money on their fucking second homes and not tell us how they choose to spend that money is cause for serious protest. Of the rioting kind.

I have to keep my tax receipts for seven years so that if someone at HMRC decide to investigate my self assessment return, I have to show them the proof. That's fair enough; they are trusting me to stick to the laws and yet the people who make those same laws can't see the irony. Or maybe they can and they just don't care.

But of course it's another point in sadly a huge list of why we cannot trust those who choose to govern us. I wonder, did the government ask Mr McDonnell to run around like a retarded child trying to play 'splat the rat' to cause yet another diversion from this insult to every man, woman and child in this country?

It's not good enough and they must not be allowed to get away with it. Alas, the MSM seem only interested in making a deal out of personal scandals and when a general policy change comes into play they quickly lose interest.

The fact that, despite all those calls for changes, the Labour government choose to once again shit on the faces of the electorate, should be a huge, neon, flashing sign to in the sky that they must go.

Democracy can't last with this shower for much longer.

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