Friday, January 09, 2009

The dangers of leaving things to the markets

Or, in this case, the weather.

It would appear from this e-mail sent to European Parliament staff that the reason people are cold in their offices is not because of central heating, but because Mother Nature has not approved a European Union Regulation allowing them to control the weather:

Due to the current exceptionally low external temperatures, the temperature of certain areas of the offices in Brussels is relatively low, particularly in the early morning. This situation has been brought to the attention of the Brussels Property Management Service which is doing everything in its power to ensure the best working conditions.

Until normal weather conditions prevail, we apologise for any discomfort.

The "Dispatching" service in Brussels (Tel: 44000 or e-mail: ) is at your service for any requests for intervention.

Thank you for your understanding.

Directorate-General for Infrastructure and

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James Higham said...

They're studying how the Chinese did it during the Olympics.