Friday, January 09, 2009

Storm in a tea cup or really irritating amounts of hypocrisy?

So, after seeing my latest shoe-polisher being accused most vociferously by Old Holborn and many others of providing a link to information that exposed his family to risk and all sorts of other evil, I found this post on the forum in question, by Barnsley Bill:

deadb0y wrote:
Sadly OH the amount of people visiting ones website really REALLY isn't a mark of how popular you!

Old Holborn wrote:
All I'm doing is pushing boundaries.

You are sooooooo full of shit. In this year 2008 there is nothing N O T H I N G anyone can do that has not been done before!

fuck me, I have stumbled across the biggest collection of envious twats on the entire interweb.. you clowns may have noticed he has a link to this place on his blog (as do I).. It drives traffic and should create an opportunity for you all to practice your miserable onanism on new meat..

So, it was somehow it was OK for Old Holborn to provide a link on his blog to information that could identify him, which is how Barnsley Bill found the site, but it was not OK for darling/cursed Obnoxio to post a similar link anywhere else?

On the same topic, I am amused at the outpouring of concern regarding this storm in a tea cup (I call it that, if someone had accused me of the things Obo has been I would be talking to my solicitor) which has appeared on the LPUK forum.

A reader e-mailed me with a quotation from he says is from the forum (I am not a member of the LPUK or, indeed, any political party so I can't confirm or deny)
I think this should be referred to the Judicial Committee to look into. I'm not taking any sides here - I wasn't even aware of this spat until yesterday - but Obo has (rightly or wrongly) been accused of harassment, and we need to make it clear that we expect our members to behave in a responsible way. If Obo is cleared of wrongdoing, that's fine. The issue will have been resolved. But as the LP becomes more prominent, there's a pretty good chance that our opponents will use this stupid little flame war to try to discredit us - possibly years from now. If that happens, it will be best if we can show that the issue was properly dealt with at the time, so we look like a proper organised political party and not a mob.

If Obnoxio the Clown is indeed a member, I agree, I'm making a formal complaint to the JC if you, Darios, or anyone else would like to back me up. I think, on balance, he'll be cleared, but that's for the JC to decide.

If this is indeed the case, then it does strike me as ironic that a political party established because of the perceived void in British politics these days contains members who are so quick to judge and have one of their own hauled up in front of the inner sanctum based on an accusation which has been disproved.

I often get the impression that Libertarianism is something people wish they were, rather than actually are, and in today's politics it's certainly trendy.

Having said all that, I can imagine the suitably pithy reponse which our own dear Devil would have met such calls with, and I understand it was a feeling shared by the party chairman.

So well done, chaps, in not falling for mistakes often made by young political parties in feeling that 'something must be done'. No one said it was going to be easy and having had experience of how such issues in smaller political parties seem blown out of all proportion you have my sympathy.


Martin said...

The whole thing's an utter cock up.
I dare not say which of the two involved I think is to blame, if either.

Bemused Wolf said...

As a member of the LPUK Judicial Committee, I can tell you that there are indeed no plans to haul Obo into any kind of investigation.

It was, and remains an issue between two people that has been going on longer than the LPUK has even existed!

'None of our business', is, I believe, the LPUK's position on all this.

Trixy said...

Glad to hear it, Mr Wolf.