Sunday, January 18, 2009

Britblog roundup No. 205: fasten your seatbelts

So. Britblog Initiation over and I can honestly say I had no idea there were so many imaginative uses for a jar of gherkins. My first ever round up has, I am glad to say, happened in a week where little blogging fingers were busy on keyboards.

Big news of the week was the decision over the third runway at Heathrow and the environmental protests. Diamond Geezer has kindly come up with a list of why this is a jolly good idea. Even if I'd been against the proposal in the first place, (which I wasn't) news that:

No kittens will be harmed in the building of this new airport extension.

Would have sold it to me.

Someone who will probably remain unconvinced is Sian Berry, also joined in that view by Peter Cranie, David Boyle and Natalie Bennett, who also has a tale on dolphins.

Some MPs did not take the news too well but Trixy is blushing as she writes to say that initially she thought that John McDonnell had run around the chamber with mace rather than the ceremonial object. Perhaps to fend of any unwanted [are there any other kind - Ed?] advances of John Prescott?

Following in the wake of this decision was one which caused rather more anger amongst bloggers with the blogging world's answer to Quentin Letts encouraging all of us to keep this story alive. Naturally, an opportunity to MP-bash was not ignored and disapproval was noted.

So, the fighting in Gaza still goes on and Charles Crawford gives us his take on it. As does another man close to my heart, our own Foreign Secretary although this time he's sadly without his banana and sexually enticing grin. Over in Witney, David (not that one) gives us his view on the speech. Personally, I think you're all being very mean.

Now that we've sorted out international politics it's time to waddle over to One Man Blogs who has something to say on those who are a bit porky. He's backed up in his views by Misssy M, who is, it appears, rather svelte and joyfully unsympathetic to those people who choose to eat 50 meals a day. I exaggerate and she explains it much better than I.

Winging our way over to pay a flying visit to a bird who only appears to eat fag butts at major railway stations, it seems that the pigeons in Vancouver are having a good time. Perhaps they don't have the fear of Kung Fu squirrels to contend with, unlike our own domestic breed.

Continuing on the theme of the flying rats, over at On an Overgrown Path there are some rather better behaved ones and some pretty statues.

Someone who isn't having such a good time is Penny Red who is somewhat angry at those new bailiff laws which seem to have caused the death of a 78 year old retired pub landlord.

Sticking with the laydeez, the F Word debates the bill currently going through Parliament regarding 'provocation' in murder cases.

Now over to someone who definitely isn't a feminist, Jackart points us in the direction of the Coroners and Death Certification Bill which, he points out, has serious implications if you're a Brazilian electrician. And, I would like to point out, if you die in a combat zone.

Poliblog Perspective points us in the direction of online archives for political election material which allows us to indulge in the perplexing question of whether we want 'a socialist MP for Crosby, Formby and Maghull'?

Sadly for me (for I am not the biggest fan of Shirley Williams,) yes was the answer...

On the subject of left wing ladies past their prime, The Devil returns to his favourite hobby of informing Polly that she is wrong. Again.

Meanwhile his kitchen mate, The Filthy Smoker brings another charity to our attention: one which appears to have a chap at the helm still in 'elementary economics' lessons.

Those of you looking for a cultural trip for the credit crunch could do worse than follow the advice of Philip Wilkinson who has been to visit the Rollright Stones and tells us a wee bit about them.

The Daily Maybe reports on yet more of your money being wasted, this time in the study of ring fingers. Still, it makes a change from people 'working' in quangos sitting there with their thumbs up their own arses.

And finally, thank you very much to Falco for sending me this post containing a picture sadly similar to a childhood pet. Oh - I'm one of those veggies you mentioned...

Well, there we go; Trixy's first round up is over. Next week we're all over to Mick Fealty's for tea.

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Until then: keeping dancing blogging!


Falco said...

Thank you Trixy.

I apologise deeply for such outrageous slander, I had no idea such intelligence could subsist on tofu.

Mr Eugenides said...

"the blogging world's answer to Quentin Letts"?

Is that a compliment?

Trixy said...

He was shortlisted for political journalist of the year 2008 and is considered to be one of the funniest, if not the funniest writers today.

You're fairly intelligent: I'll let you make up your own mind based on that information...:o)

Anonymous said...

Cheers for the mensh. Believe me, we shall beat the squirrels.
Your pal
Brian Pigeon