Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Put the grill on, Alun

'Get involved, Get Engaged, Get a free chicken tikka masala'

It seems that Sir Dai Llewellyn wasn’t too far off when he joked about the Welsh Assembly debating paperclips.

Wales has been changing recently in the way that decisions, that affect the daily lives of you and your family, are being made.
Join us for a curry and tell us how you think Wales should work in the future.

To my deep misery and distress, the only person in the world who could could make the Welsh Assembly elections interesting has passed away.

He had been ill since August and eventually became "riddled" with cancer, although still, to his eternal credit, enjoyed a glass of red wine and a cigarette.

The obituaries have been full of his wonderful anecdotes, but I shall remember him as the man I had to drag giggling out of pubs at 10 in the morning on the campaign trail, the man who joyfully told journalists that the Welsh Assembly, to which he was hoping to be elected was:
"a joke, a costly talking shop where nothing happens other than discussions on which extensive new building might house the members' farcical antics".

And the man who was always happy, always smiling and always bringing joy to those around him, particularly on summer evenings in London casinos, mimicking Welsh accents .

Death hits one when you realise that you only have the memories left. Thankfully with Dai, I have enough to keep me laughing for years.

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