Sunday, January 11, 2009

Poll to Poll

From The Telegraph today I see that UKIP are at 7% in the polls prior to the European Election campaign, above their tally this time in 2004.

The survey – released exclusively to The Sunday Telegraph – also spells out the threat posed to the Tories by the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) in elections to the European Parliament which take place on 4 June. Ten per cent of those who would vote Tory in a general election will back UKIP in the euro-election, the survey suggests.

That is because, I imagine, the Tories are wetter than a fish's wet bits when it comes to the EU and actually think that 3.5 million jobs would go if we decided to govern ourselves. That is nothing short of criminal from a party who will probably be in government from the next General Election. Such a level of economic incompetence should only be seen from a socialist government.
Overall, 16 per cent of voters want Britain simply to withdraw from the EU, while 48 per cent would like to see a much looser relationship, with the government taking back powers from Brussels and ending the supremacy of the European Court of Justice over British law.

Added together this makes 64 per cent in favour of weakening Britain's ties with the EU, compared with just 22 per cent in favour of keeping the UK's current full membership including the Lisbon Treaty, which was passed by parliament without a referendum. cialist leadership such as the one we have now.

If one takes into consideration that the campaign hasn't started running yet, this looks positive for withdrawalist parties.

In that time it is, for example, possible for voters in the South West in particular to realise that the Liberal Democrats are rampantly pro EU, regardless of what they say to people in Devon and Cornwall on their doorsteps. THEY WANT MORE OF IT, LOVE.

One just has to hope that people won't fall for the Tory line that they are in any way interested in protecting Britain's interests in the world, for such a line is impossible when one considers that they want to remain part of the socialist political union.

If more people were aware that the EU is a case of in and accept what we want (in this case, the Lisbon Constitution) or out and govern ourselves then I would think that the numbers voting for UKIP would be higher.

In any case, an election with proportional representation which elects people with very little power is rather a good opportunity to let the 'Incompetent Three' to know your views on the EU. Yes, it's something they want to push under the carpet in much the same way as an impotent man doesn't like to shout about his problem.

Regardless of what they want, it's an opportunity for you to tell them what you want and hit them where it hurts: in the wallet.

Every seat the Lib Dems, Labour, Tories or Greens lose is money lost to the EU propaganda budget because all their political groups are in favour of the Constitution and allocate budget accordingly.

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