Tuesday, January 13, 2009

informed, intellectual debate on Prince Charles 'scandal'

Fuck Off. Fuck Off. Fuck Off. Fuck Off. Fuck Off. Fuck Off. Fuck Off. Fuck Off.

Give it a fucking rest. Please.


Craig said...


FFS - it can't be that difficult, surely, to accept that people refer to each other my nicknames?

Example: our editrix here is Trixy, presumably a nickname/shortening of Patricia(?) or Trixibelle(??).

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Oh for the fucking sake of fucking fuck.

Dungeekin said...

Trixy, that pretty much says it all.



Trixy said...

Well, honestly.

@Craig: it's a convoluted way of kind of getting to my name but yes *shock* it is actually a nickname!!

Who do I complain to?

Craig said...

I suspect, Trixy, most beautiful of hostesses, that one should simply suck-it-up rather than complaining.

Very much the same as OCdt Ahmed did. It worries me that the family of OCdt Ahmed are complaining now when, in fact, they should be saying a large *thank you* to the UK taxpayer and RMAS for training their darling son/nephew.