Saturday, January 31, 2009

Killingholme: It's like herding cats

I am a huge fan of Scotland, but it must be said that the politicians who emerge from that country appear to have been selected from the pile too thick to get into the mainstream education system. The latest spazmoid is Nigel Griffiths, who must have been living with his head in a huge vat of porridge for the last few decades:

Prime Minister Gordon Brown was told his infamous phrase about creating British jobs for British workers had come back to "haunt him". Labour MP Nigel Griffiths launched his own inquiry into whether European laws had been broken by excluding British workers from contracts, while the union at the centre of the dispute announced plans for a huge demonstration in Westminster.

Bless poor Mr Griffiths, he's probably never read a piece of EU legislation in his life. He certainly hasn't got to grips with it.

And he appears not to have read the ruling from the European Court of Justice from 2007 called the 'Viking Case'.
Viking Line was a Finnish passenger shipping company. It owned and operated a ferry called Rosella, under a Finnish flag and with a predominantly Finnish crew. Then the Rosella was registered as an Estonian ship and crewed by an Estonian crew who were paid less.

In short, the European Court of Justice ruled that sacking one lot of staff and replacing them with the crew from another country wasn't automatically grounds for strike:
On Tuesday, 11 December, the Court ruled that a trade union's threat to strike in order to force an employer to conclude a collective agreement may constitute a restriction on the freedom of establishment if the terms of the agreement are liable to deter the company from exercising its freedom of establishment.

Stopping Italian and Portuguese employees from getting to work does constitute a restriction on Total's production.

And as for Jon Cruddas: the man has the political nouse of a cream doughnut. What kind of moron takes a really shitty situation and makes it worse by promoting the BNP? It's not racism, you retarded shit stick; it's a group of people who want to be able to pay the bills rather than see their jobs taken by some Italians and who are understandably angry and frustrated that their fees to the union pay Gordon Brown and the Labour party who then lie to them.

Don't want an open door policy to half a billion people? Leave the EU and establish a work permit system which works in the rest of the world. It's not difficult and, far from being racist, actually stops this appalling bias against the rest of the world which our EU membership insists upon.


LWM said...

Excellent, thanks!

subrosa said...

Great post trixy. I do admire your knowledge of the intricacies of the EU.

But I have to challenge you about your first paragraph. We have some excellent politicians here, not a lot I admit, but there aren't many in Westminster either.

Obviously my list will begin with the party I support but it's not biased (grin).

Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon, Annabel Goldie, Derek Brownlee, Alex Neil, John Swinney is my list. Not a lot from 129 I admit but every one of these could take on the likes of Gordon Brown and David Cameron easily.

I won't comment on Nigel Griffiths as I do try not to be offensive if I can avoid it.

Trixy said...

Westminster is hounded by loons, but I can't help but notice the number of Scots..

Can I agree that Salmond is good? In a way. But the man did lose a budget vote based on loft insulation.

The Penguin said...

Agree with you entirely Trixy.

The Penguin.

subrosa said...

Naw, he lost a budget because the both the libdems and labour thought each other would abstain.

Patrick just panicked poor laddie. He's regretting it now I bet because he was given a good deal - considering his policy would only suit 30% of Scottish homes and most already have loft insulation. It's internal wall insulation homes need here and Patrick's policy didn't include that only cavity wall. You see many Scottish homes, pre the 70s, were stone built and can't take cavity wall. Auch I won't bore you with the details.

Long story Trixy, but it was a game between labour and the libdems that neither of them won. Also Patrick's been in the Parliament long enough to know that deals are done even in the last speeches. He didn't like that (pout).

Malthebof said...

I like your posting Trixie. I remain puzzled by all things connected to the EU. I have yet to get anybody to give me 5 reasons for remaining in the EU. Why have our representatives in parliament voted to give their powers to unelected Commissioners in Brussels.

Trixy said...

If I knew why and could back it up, I'd be significantly better off than I am now.

I feel it must just come down to the fact they are lazy and like being paid for doing less.