Monday, January 19, 2009

the comeback Ken

So, Ken Clarke is back on the Tory front bench and thus the business portfolio becomes the hot bed for the dripping wet.

I guess there will be people out there who think that Ken Clarke’s federalist views on the EU are irrelevant in such a position, but those people merely highlight how little they know about the EU with such statements.

The Vice-President of the European Commission remarked that EU regulation costs countries about 4% of member state's GDP which in the UK did equal about £66bn. If that’s ‘nothing to do with the EU’ then what is?

Clarke – who stood unsuccessfully for the Tory leadership three times – said his pro-European views were "well-known".

"But I accept that the party has come to a settled view on European matters, and I will not oppose the direction David [Cameron, the Tory party leader] will set on European policies in the future," he added.

Settled in the sense that they are pro EU, don't want to leave it so we can govern ourselves and also fail to understand how detrimental it is to our country. After all, David Cameron did say that the UK would lose 3 1/2 million jobs overnight should we chose to govern ourselves. Granted, this is probably less now but the fact that Clarke is joining these group of people is not as terribly exciting as having an economic dumbass leading it.

Whilst this is clearly an opportunity for parties such as UKIP to highlight, particularly in the forthcoming June elections, the huge difference between them and the Tory party I can imagine most of their work being done for them by the Labour Party. After all, there are fools such as the Europe Minister Caroline Flint who think that the answer to our current economic woes would be to relinquish control over yet another area of policy by joining the euro, a policy also shared by Ken.

Whilst he may say that he's going to tow the party line, hearing him attack such a suggestion would be ridiculous.

But really, you can shuffle a pack of cards as many times as you like, but you still end up with a pack of cards. Occasionally it just has a Queen at the top of it, sometimes a nave. Rarely, an ace.

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