Thursday, January 01, 2009

Another touch of the vapours

There is a possibility I am even more ill than I thought. A quick chat with The Devil has confirmed that I am. You see, on top of being in love with David Miliband my fantasy now involves David Miliband AND David Mitchell.

I thought my type was emotionally stunted fuckwits who went to boarding school but now I need to include "geek" in that too.


Michael Heaver said...

Christ Trixy, this is the jumped up little twat who recently slated UKIP as BNP-lite and then ignored me when I challenge him to step outside his comfort zone and actually meet a UKIP member.

Prodicus said...

My dear girl. You definitely need help. Miliband is one thing, but this Mitchell business is serious. Perhaps involving Rupert would help.

Trixy said...

They're both clearly lacking in intellect and knowledge but I am sure I could cure them of that.

It seems that, in spite of being geeks, it's done them no good at all.

Although Rupert would help...

Craig said...

'ello Trixy

Ich bien geek, if it helps?

(Long time lurker in your blog - happy new year for 2009).