Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blogs by idiots

What a joy!

Mary Honeyball has a blog!


She's a very important Labour MEP who sticks in my memory because I once played volleyball with a solicitors letter she wrote to a friend of mine.



Idle Pen Pusher said...

What a lovely blog. It even has a picture of her sitting at her Brussels office.

The Nameless Libertarian said...

She's a startling writer - despite agreeing with the central premise of her post about LabourList, I still struggled to make it past the first paragraph.

I suspect her blog is just her internal thought process vomitted up onto the internet. Which just goes to show what an incredibly dull person she must be...

Trixy said...

She's amusing. Not intentionally, of course.

But she takes herself and her work VERY seriously...

Martin Meenagh said...

Mrs Honeyball has been hanging around with Hariet Harman a lot lately, and they have been discussing useless leaders. Mrs Honeyball, who reportedly makes her staff hold aspidistras and type with a pencil clenched in their teeth, would be a much more representative leader than Mrs Glennis Wilmott, the present Leader of Labour MEPs.

You should all write to Mrs Wilmott suggesting that she step down in favour of Mrs Honeyball. All of Mary's friends agree. Why, they have lots of support in the London Labour Party right now.

go on, write in :)