Wednesday, February 28, 2007

not taking it kneeling down

Right. Am going to set the record straight on this whole 'UKIP disabled discrimination' bullshit. And my, is it bullshit. This:

I told the 650 people who voted for me that I would not stand again for the council but Ukip talked me into standing for them.

"Ukip withdrew its support when they found out I was registered disabled following a double knee replacement.
as reported in the Guardian today, for example, is a huge pile of steaming poo and lies.

What actually happened was this chap called Jack Biggs volunteered to stand for UKIP in the forthcoming local elections in Weymouth. He wrote to the branch secretary after he received an e-mail from the chairman, stating that because he had two replacement knees, and by his own admission was "useless" at leafleting and could not canvass a ward very well, that he could not be a full candidate as this required him to leaflet and canvass every single residence in the ward personally.

I have just received a letter from Vicki Sharpe, Chairman of UKIP Dorset which states that because I am registered disabled I cannot stand for the Council in Wyke Regis - where I had 680 votes as an Independent

And yet already Mr Biggs gets it wrong. He was asked to stand, but as a paper candidate where he would either not be expected to canvass every house himself, or he would get help to do so. Doesn't make such a good story, though, does it.

From the branch secretary:
Further to your email of today, I would like to set the record straight. Our Chairman, Vicki Sharp, did not say that you cannot stand as a UKIP candidate for Wyke Regis.

However, you said yourself that you are "useless" at leafleting which equates to being unable to canvass. This was discussed with Malcolm Wood (south west organiser) as mentioned, and in view of this, and the fact that you are registered disabled (i.e.unable) it has been decided that canvassing would be very difficult for you and therefore the best course of action would be for you to be a 'paper' candidate.

The ward offered to Mr Biggs had already been leafleted by both the branch chairman and the branch secretary, and they offered to help Mr Biggs with his electoral address which obviously still needed doing.

This did not meet with his approval, however. I wonder if it was because:

But given that UKIP are also mounting a campaign against my councillor daughter (UKIP minded anyway) I do not want to be either a paper or real candidate for UKIP. The last chance gone, I think I will emigrate

Yes, that's right. He found out that UKIP were standing against his daughter and so he threw a tantrum, and resorted to blackmail:

I have been special Forces. I am a very good friend but a very bad enemy.

If you stay on track, ignoring me, but trying to unseat my UKIP minded daughter I will take the story for the Echo, ref you do not want disabled candidates for UKIP.

This is not a threat but a promise.
One of the main local issues that almost everyone is against is the Pier development. My daughter was one of 8 Councillors who voted against this. And you have people "in droves" to vote against her.

Charming gentleman. He's standing as an independent now, apparently. Although when he spoke to UKIP about standing he wasn't actually aware of how many votes he had received last time.

It's just so utterly pathetic that someone would resort to blackmail in order to protect his daughter from not getting opposition in a local election. Surely he should be confident enough in his daughter and her beliefs that she can win based on her own merit? Or maybe he doesn't have any faith in her. If she's as stupid as him, that may be a justified concern...after all; who e-mails one thing and then tells a pack of lies to the media with something which can be proved as a fabrication?

Well, Mr Biggs does, clearly.
the e-mail conversation can be seen here.
And just as a further point: if someone can't walk properly or for long periods of time, isn't it rather a justifiable assumption that they would not be suitable for a role which required lots of walking for long periods of time? I would quite like to be a surgeon and get paid lots and help people, but the fact that I almost faint at the sight of blood and find casualty too much means I wouldn't be very good.

Does that mean I have a right to jump up and down and shout 'discrimination'?

No, it fucking doesn't.

I have since discovered that Mr Biggs ran in a previous election under the name 'Wat Tyler'. Hmm.


UKIP@HOME said...

In 2005 Jack stood as a UKIP candidate in the Dorset County Council Elections for the Portland Division and gained a respectable 397 votes

Trixy said...

So you're saying we don't discriminate against disabled people, then?

Thanks for proving my point, honey.

UKIP@HOME said...

Jack still had his knees last time he was a UKIP candidate!

Interesting your friends at UKIPhome claim Jack was a Tory plant and that UKIP is full of Tory sleeper cells.

Chad does a great job for UKIP!

Trixy said...

So do you, my dear.

Surreptitious Evil said...

But clearly not this Wat Tyler, unless the polis have got fed up with just giving "The Bloke" stop and search and have taken him away for a good PIRA-style punishment beating ...