Thursday, February 08, 2007

Freedom to Choose

Eliab has pointed me in the direction of a pressure group I am rather keen to support:


And one political party has already signed up to support the right of publicans to have their own smoking policy, and of customers to decide if they want to go to a public house where they can smoke, or one where they can't.

Market choice, you see. Very clever.


james higham said...

You mean they don't already have that right? By the way, do Freehouses still exist in the UK?

james higham said...

Trixiebelle, will you do me an esteemed favour? Would you send me [DK has the address] the petition html so I can run it in my sidebar?

Trixy said...

That I can certainly do my dear.

james higham said...

Trixy, dearest - check Girlpower tomorrow evening.

Trixy said...

Girlpower? Are the spice girls back?