Monday, February 05, 2007

At least someone likes Blair

Sent to me by a friend...

"Of all the politicians I have seen over the years in my view Prime Minister Tony Blair comes across as the most naturally honest.

The impression I have formed of our Prime Minister is that unlike so many other past, and present, members of the House of Commons he doesn't think crooked. When he makes a statement he genuinely believes it to have a basis of truth.

He has me convinced that he is also a genuine nice guy, and his family appear to behave in a manner that supports my innermost feelings."

The man in question is, however, of dubious mental character. He has been sectioned at least five times, as well as imprisoned for imprisoned for wartime looting, torture, crucifixion (its true!) and gangland murder. And now he's a fan of Tony Blair.

A big round of applause to 'Mad' Frankie Fraser!

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