Thursday, February 22, 2007

EU Referendum

I notice from the Devil's Kitchen that our great Prime Minister has replied about the vote to have a referendum on membership of the EU.

Well, some people may have had an e-mail, but I haven't.

I'm not sure I have anything to add that the Devil hasn't already. I don't even think I would bother to tone down the language.

Blair is such a hateful man. He's lying to us, he knows what's going on. He knows that however small that 'mini' treaty is it only takes one line to day, 'all decisions will be taken by qualified majority voting' and then BANG! Bye bye Britain.

All these men obessed with size. I think it points to a deep rooted psycological fear that they are too small down below...

Can I just say: if you voted for this man you are a prat.


james higham said...

Trixy, you can't add to DK and I can't add to you. Got it in one.

Arthurian Legend said...

You may recall that Prescott is such an EU-phile that he was nearly made a Commissioner back in the late 1970s...QED

Trixy - I have just linked to you.


Trixy said...

Thank you very much my dear.

Yes, I knew about the fat pig. When he met Farage during the British Presidency, he had to sit next to him at a lunch (I suspect that Farage did not get to eat very much) and he said about regionalisation:

"you lot, you just don't understand. We decided this in the 1970s and now you're all ruining it."

Apologies to blog purists, no I can't link to that one...