Monday, February 26, 2007

Harry Pottering and the Ten Commandments

He hath spoken, and we must obey.

On Tuesday 13 February new EP president Hans-Gert Pöttering outlined his priorities for the next two and a half years. What will our institution be focusing on up to the next elections? The Pöttering 'ten commandments' say:

step up intercultural dialogue, especially between Europe and the Islamic world (use the EuroMed assembly for "peace and partnership")

Yet another pointless, politically correct quango giving jobs to people who should really restrict their lives to knitting. EuroMed is a monumental failure which is taking yet more and more power away from national governments, especially immigration. Trade, of course, has already gone tubby bye byes.

push for a new European constitution in 2009

See that, Tony? See it there? It doesn't really match up with your comments in the Daily Mail today:

The meeting on March 25 is nothing to do with the constitution. It is to celebrate 50 years of the Treaty of Rome. The constitution won't be discussed until after the French election

Right. That's odd, because the letter I have on my desk from Angela Merkel states quite clearly:

I intend to prepare the political Declaration to be adopted on 25 March 2007 in confidential consultations with Heads of State and Government and their close advisers. The same goes for consultations over possible ways to take the constitutional process forward....
followed by a 'tentative schedule for the consultations on the Declaration and the constitutional process:

25 March - Adoption of the Declaration in Berlin. On the margins of the celebrations a first exchange of views between Heads of State and Government on the constitutional process.

improve the EU institutions' credibility through better lawmaking.

How about no lawmaking? Let's face it, the rules are made to further the interests of those people who benefit from the EU, i.e the politicians and eurocrats. They make laws just to keep themselves in more work and give themselves more power. It is perfectly evident that the laws are badly thought out, and go through a process of amending which allows even the most retarded MEP to bugger up an already stupid suggestion. I know this to be true, for Liberal Democrats put in amendments which are passed.

strike up a democratic and effective partnership with Russia

Who have just stopped Poland being allowed to have anything to do with the 'Son of Starwars' because it is too close to them. Very convenient friendship.

remember that Europe and the USA are friends

Which just sounds like something thrown in at the last minute to keep the Brits quiet. But it won't wash, sunshine. The EU is far too socialist to 'be friends' with America, and never agrees with them.

don't let anyone deny the holocaust

Free Speech, anyone?
support Israel's right to exist and the Palestinians right to a state of their own

And keep spending tax payers money funding the terrorist organisation that is Hamas

help those who fight for freedom and democracy, like in Belarus

Unless they're Eurosceptic, in which case just anhialate them. And, of course, conveniently ignore that the EU is neither free or democratic, else the Commissioners would be elected and accountable, and meetings would not be held in secret.

make a stand against the death penalty

Surely this should be up to individual countries to decide? Oh, yes. Sorry. Forgot you wanted to remove the veto on Justice and Home Affairs and make it a full EU competence.

develop a common EU immigration policy

Although with Directive 2004/58/EC from the 29th April 2004 they have already gone most of the way. But here it is: the EU want to control every single aspect of immigration. Labour will say it's not true, and then start ranting about ID cards, the Tories will ignore it because it's politically inconvenient, what with they being the party who first gave away control to Brussels on immigration in 1994, and the Lib Dems will have a reception in the parliament with disabled people to celebrate what a wonderful idea it is.

And the press will probably ignore it, or write about it, but not mention that the three main parties are all in support of this.



The Tin Drummer said...

Good post, Trixy. You're fast becoming an essential anti-EU source. Off the record, Trixy, how do you rate our chances of _not_ ultimately ending up with the Constitution anyway?

Trixy said...

Slim to none.

It's beneficial to those people who are making the decisions, so they will shove it through however they can.

Evidence I would give for this is the debate over the summer over Justice and Home Affairs, where they were trying to take a decision to remove the veto and decide by QMV, which actually went further than the Constitution did.

Oh, and thanks *blush*

Mr Eugenides said...

Your criticism of Herr Pottering is terribly misplaced. When EuroMed brings peace to the Holy Land, a grateful continent will give thanks to our European masters, you'll not be laughing any more...

Trixy said...

care to bet on that, Mr E?