Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cameron's Caring Conservatives

From the Mirror:

Sick Tory Sack Row

A former Tory party agent claimed she was forced out of her job after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Rosemary Holman, 48, is Suing Tories for unfair dismissal, sex and disability discrimination.

Mike Broomby, her boss in Sevenoaks, Kent, allegedly made life a "living nightmare" with sexist bullying. Mr Broomby denies the claims. He told the tribunal in Ashford: "I was concerned about Ms Holman's health. "I sacked her when she failed to go to a medical examination three times."

The hearing continues.

Sources close to Trixy tell me that the medical examination he demanded was with his personal friend who was a doctor. She offered to go to a doctor independent of both of them, but Mr Broomby was not having any of that.



james higham said...

I love your use of the thrird person, singular.

This business of sacking somone for ailments is difficult. I don't know what to think in the situation. If she could still do the job, well ...

Gavin Ayling said...

Maybe we should wait for the result before slinging mud at the party who was doing the employing? Maybe...

Trixy said...

Where is the mud slinging? Am just reporting on what was in the paper.