Saturday, February 17, 2007


My best friend is called Minge. Well, obviously he wasn't called Minge by his parents but it's his nickname.

I sometimes forget that this may be a bit of an unusual name, especially when I am in public, and today was no exception. So there I am, sitting on the bus back from Hell to Trixy Towers when Minge calls up about our plans for this evening. And I just happen to say quite innocently down the phone, "I can't wait to see my lovely minge again."

It didn't take long to work out why I was getting odd looks...

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Mingey said...

Be fair Minge, we call each other Minge. Which is done for the sole purpose of shooking people wearing nasty shoes on the number eleven bus.

And its led to embarrassment up my end of my colleagues is convinced you are a sex starved lesbian - everytime she hears me speak on speakerphone, or takes a call from you, all she hears is a cry of "MINGE!!!"

Her assessment could not be further from the truth though darling...