Tuesday, February 27, 2007

No need to apply....

I read on the BBC that asylum claims are down by 9% this year.

According to the article, Home Office figures show that this is the lowest level since 1993.

Hmmm, am not surprised, personally, seeing that the year afterwards was the year where control over our borders was first given away to the EU by Michael Howard when he was Home Secretary, and since then the Labour government have been doing a mighty fine job of ensuring that they hand over as much control as possible.

Brown, of course, wants to make people do volunteering work before they get citizenship, which is a step on from the tests they are supposed to do, called Life in the UK.

I called up the Immigration directorate to ask about who has to take the tests, and who would have to do the volunteering work if this idea is accepted, and they confirmed to me that anyone from the EU is excluded from these requirements.

Alas, the fact that 450 million people are excluded from this seems to have passed our MPs and press by. Does no one apart from me think that not only is it sickening that our poliicians can deliberately mislead us by making out that this will affect all immigration and also that is essentially imposes a colour bar on people who wish to naturalise?

The people from our Commonwealth countries will have to jump through hoops to come and stay here, but anyone from the EU can just wander in.

And of course, because we aren't allowed embarkation controls from transportation coming in from EU countries, regardless of whether people on that flight, or that boat originate from an EU country, we don't really have any idea who is in this country.

Meaning, of course, that we can't really do anything about illegal immigration.

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