Thursday, March 01, 2007

So, Cameron; still standing by your claims...

That a Tory government would pull Britain out of the 'Social Chapter'?

As I have previously written, the Social Chapter does not exist as some sort of separate treaty which one can just withdraw from. So, as I and many others have said, for David Cameron and his band of spanners to claim that they will just pull Britain out of it is wrong. As my evidence, I call the President of the European Commission to answer the question:

Parliamentary questions
24 January 2007
WRITTEN QUESTION by Nigel Farage (IND/DEM) to the Commission

Subject: Social Chapter opt-out

Could the Commission comment on the feasibility of a Member State withdrawing from the social chapter under the current Treaties?

Would this action involve either the withdrawal of the Member State concerned from the European Union or a renegotiation of the Treaties which would require the unanimous approval of all Member States?

which he has done...

Answer given by Mr Barroso
on behalf of the Commission

The Commission assumes that when the Honourable Member refers to the Social Chapter in the Treaties, he is referring to the social provisions contained in the articles 136 to 145 of the EC Treaty. These provisions are part of the whole Treaty and cannot be isolated. All Member States are bound by the Treaties they have signed and ratified and which have entered into force, including the social provisions they contain. Consequently, a withdrawal from these provisions by a Member State would require an amendment of the EC Treaty in accordance with Article 48 of the Treaty on European Union.

See that, Davy boy?

Despite your claims that you will withdraw Britain from the Social Chapter, YOU CAN'T!

now, are you going to apologies for your porkies?


dizzy said...

No no sweetie you're wrong. We can pull out of the Social Chapter whenever we like. We just have to learn to be more like the Frecnh and German and ignore the EU when we don't like what it says. What are they going to do? Invade?

Trixy said...

I'm not, alas.

We can pull out whenever we like - through an Act of Parliament, but the Tories don't want to do that.

I think you'll find that the French and the Gemans actually do obey these laws, as, oddly, they like them...

dizzy said...

sod an Act of Parliament, if we just said "no" what would happen?

Trixy said...

take us to court

dizzy said...

and do what? Fine us? What if we didn't turn up?

Trixy said...


Or impose restrictions on us.

And if, by that time, we had relinquished our justice and home affairs, then to be honest, who knows what they would do.

But you're still missing the point. The Conservatives do think that EU law is supreme and wish to abide by it. So they wouldn't go around breaking the rules, for fear of upsetting their bosses.

james higham said...

Last six words of your last comment, Trixy, are the most worrying. I fear it is so.

Trixy said...

Indeed. What fucking turds they are.