Thursday, February 08, 2007

Why vote UKIP?

Martin over at The Kitchen makes a very good point about why people can and should vote for the UK Independence Party.

Good enough for me, and it should be good enough for every Tory like me who ever trooped into a booth in Labour's heartland provinces and voted Tory in the full knowledge their guy wouldn't win.

Such a good point. Carrot-brained fools like the 56th best Tory blogger Caroline Hunt say people shouldn't vote UKIP as it will mean Labour get it, and obviously, even though we don't support the Conservative Party, we should do and we should vote for them.

Yet there are endless seats up and down the country where tactical voting comes into play in a three party system. Where voting Tory could have let the Lib Dems in, or vice versa. Do you think this stopped Tories voting Tory? Like buggery it did. And why should they? For whether Labour or the Lib Dems got in, it mattered not to them as neither were parties they supported.

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You have a category named "carrot-brained".

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