Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Why is no-one listening?

I've been updating all my research material today from hansard, EU legislation and other committee papers. All of a sudden it hit me just how well the EU is winning their battle of destroying nation states and turning the EU into a new soviet style union.

Even the few topics I updated today made me want to scream with rage; rush out of my office and grab people on the street - forcing their heads over these words which are controlling almost every aspect of their lives, whilst they carry on in some ignorant daze.

  • How we dispose of electrical items

  • The Food Standards Agency being overruled in favour of an EU body

  • Our Armed Forces

  • The EU Constitution

  • EuroPol

  • The letter from Angela Merkel to hold secret meetings to keep the public in the dark about the Constitution

  • The transfer of Criminal Law powers to the EU

The list is just endless, and yet the front page of the papers and the headlines on the news over the past few days have been about the BAFTAS, Anna Nicole Smith, Robbie Williams going into rehab and some prat jumping out of a plane and landing in a blackberry bush.

I have the TV on all the time in my office and I see how many opportunities these news networks have to report on some of the big events going on which are actually affecting our lives. This week Westminster is in recess whilst over in Strasbourg the European Parliament is busy passing legislation on how we can dispose of our rubbish: something which may sound trivial but could result in our country being covered in incinerators and bloody wind turbines. Today we had the speech by the new President of the Parliament speaking about how he feels democracy isn't necessary and we must push ahead with the EU project.

Why isn't this a big issue? Why don't the media cover this more? It took me so much time to get the message out about the true reasons for our immigration being out of control, and yet the newspapers still let David Davis and Damien Green blather on about how the Labour government must control our borders, when it was the Tory party who first gave away the power in 1994! The same people who wholeheartedly support enlargement which reduces our influence in the Council of Ministers (currently 8%) and who wrote the report calling for Bulgaria to join the European Union. I suspect Geoffrey Van Orden MEP, the man responsible for this, doesn't dare mention this to the white haired brigade in Chelmsford when he's at some Tory tea party. Why does no one try to stop this hypocrisy? How will things ever change if no one tries to change it?

I get so frustrated sometimes I actually just sit there and cry. It's often the only way I can express the emotion I feel when I see this all taking place under our very noses.

It's the same impotent rage which has, in the past, almost driven me to walking around London with a free newspaper attached to my forehead to try to stop the endless bombardment of the gratis tat being forced upon me. "I have one already!" I cry. But they don't listen. And I'm afraid that people in this country just like the hoards of people who every evening stalk the streets of London with their substandard publications.

Well, I don't want to be the person who takes the free paper just because someone shoves it in my hand. I want to be able to turn it down, and I want them to listen when I say I don't want one.

Maybe I have trivialised the whole issue by comparing it to a struggle with a free paper, but at least people understand the frustration of that because they are exposed to it every evening. With the EU and the loss of our democracy, most people are blissfully unaware of what is really going on.

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