Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Funding of Hamas

Have been getting a bit wound up about this: previously mentioned e-mail author Luisa morgantini has been spamming e-mail inboxes with some mulch about how the innocent of Palastine shouldn't suffer from lack of funding. Here are my issues:

1) Why should we give them money?
2) Are they really innocent if they elected a bunch of murdering terrorists to represent them?
3) Why should we give money to murdering terrorists?
4) Maybe if they stopped trying to kill people and fight the whole time, and concentrated on leaving people the f*ck alone then they wouldn't have to rely on money because they could go to work, companies would invest, they could, essentially, make their own money.

Seriously - why should we be giving money to these people? They make their choices and they should abide by it without needing the rest of the world to prop them up. Those who live by the sword, die by it.


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Sir Percy said...

You're right.

We should give them NOTHING!

That might help to concentrate their tiny little minds on the consequences of electing a bunch of murdering *?@*?***s.


Sir Percy said...


What's happened?

Have you given up on your blog?

Now that WOULD be a pity. I've enjoyed reading your pieces over the past year or so.

Warm regards,

Sir Percy