Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yet more lunacy from the Government

Jacqui Smith has decided that she's going to make it look as though she's doing something about gun crime by banning deactivated firearms.

Could someone please tell me how this is a sensible use of time and money when for £250 I could go buy a 9mm Browning from the back of Kings Cross and with more ease than fiddling around with a deactivated gun?

The government say they wouldn't want to ban antique guns, but knowing them as we do all that will happen is that law abiding people will be wrapped in more red tape and have difficulty keeping what is a legitimate collectors item.

Gangs of kids roaming the streets, however, will have Human Rights Legislation and, if they're black, the chance to say the police are racist and are picking on them, to stop anything happening to them.

As UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom said, "When was the last time someone held up a bank with a musket?"


Anonymous said...

It isn't a sensible use of time and money, but it will take a lot less time and money to do this - and in doing so to look like she's tackling gun-crime - than to actually have the balls to deal with the real causes of gun-crime.

Anonymous said...

"As UKIP MEP...." Oh yes, of course UKIP MEP. Him yes, we all know him.

"As the guy on the early shift at the BP garage on the North Circular Road just past Brent Cross said..." might enjoy just a little bit more reader recognition than unknown UKIP MEP.

Trixy said...

Possibly, if you never read the newspapers, watch the TV or listen to the radio this could be true.

How is life under the bridge?