Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Jim Murphy: mendacious bastard

Anyone seen the Guardian today? There's a rather interesting article in it following a press release Jim Murphy's office sent to the paper so they could write a one sided piece about his speech tonight at the LSE.

The Europe minister, Jim Murphy, will tonight call for a "mature" debate about the EU amid claims the union has "satanical powers", that it represents a "coup d'état" and that it is like "a papist conspiracy".

I would welcome a mature debate, but this government seem to be incapable of doing either that, or telling the truth about it. Maybe once they learn to speak out of their mouths rather than their arses we can do that.

In a keynote speech to the London School of Economics, the minister will urge Eurosceptics to consider the EU "as it actually is, rather than some fear it might be".

Again, I'm all for a debate talking about the truth. For example, how little voting power we have, how the Charter of Fundamental Rights will be made law in the UK through the ECJ which is the highest court in the land, how they openly reject democracy and freedom of speech...yes: bring it on.

Murphy's comments come as the government prepares for a bloody battle to get a new treaty - seen by some as a replica of the failed EU constitution - through parliament.
Seen by most people with an IQ above 10 as the EU constitution, including his EU colleagues. Mainly, of course, because it is.

The minister believes the Tory leader, David Cameron, is playing "fast and loose" with the national interest by suggesting a Conservative government might hold a referendum on the treaty after ratification.

I hope they do, but I don't think they will because they are in a rather sticky situation as the EU they want to be part of won't exist once this treaty becomes law and the Tories have made it quite clear they want to remain in the EU no matter what. At least they say they'll give one, mind, unlike those LYING BASTARDS IN THE GOVERNMENT.

Murphy is expected to say tonight: "As one of my predecessors put it, the UK would become a sort of 'Norway with nukes'.
Rich and successful? Lovely. Of course, the economies and balance of trades between these two countries are rather different but let's not let economics get in the way of your facile point, eh Jim?

"There are many anti-Europeans - or Tories for short - who think this is a good option for the UK. But Britain's national interest is secured through Europe.

No, no, no you spanner. You're confusing people who want a self determining nation, democracy and prosperity with people who don't like a continent. You're also forgetting that it was the Tories who have done huge amounts to wrap us up further into the EU. If I was richer I would certainly spend more time in Europe, though. Skiing and the such.

"Walking away from the EU would be against Britain's national interest."


"Committees in Westminster will scrutinise, line by line, the detail of the bill, just as they did for Maastricht, Amsterdam and the Single European Act - none of which was subject to referendum in the UK," Murphy is expected to say.
Three wrongs don't mean you should follow it up by a fourth, you democracy hating pillock.
Focusing on what the EU has achieved over the past 50 years, Murphy will say: "It has helped make our continent a more peaceful, more prosperous and better place.

Would actually say that was trade and NATO, rather than a load of grey suited eurocrats in Brussels working out how to get their mates a job and a lorry load of cash.

"It requires each of us to admit what our ambitions for Europe are, and if for some people they include pulling Britain out of the EU, they should say so and say what the alternative is.
Free Trade, prosperity, our politicians to be accountable, the right to decide the future of our own country?

"And if we believe, as I do, that the UK's position must remain at the heart of Europe, then we must say so.
Then do, but back it up, will you. And let's have that debate. Or, even better, a referendum.

Murphy will argue that, without the EU, Britain would be poorer as a trading nation, less influential in the world and less safe.
Right, so the third largest trading nation in the world needs help from a trading bloc which is protectionist in nature, which harms economies, keeps millions of people across the globe in abject poverty, which is signed up to NATO, which has well trained armed forces, which would have its seat back on the WTO (how less influential?) Which wouldn't be at risk of giving up its seat at the UNSC or the World Bank or IMF. Could you possibly explain why you think this is? Because you want a job in the EU, perhaps?

"We rely heavy on membership of the EU single market of 480 million consumers," he is expected to say. "More than 3m British jobs ... and 60% of our trade would be directly affected. Foreign direct investment would also be hit.

NO. Verheugen himself said that over regulation of the EU costs us 6.5% of our GDP. The Commission have published some report saying that the single market has created 2.75 million jobs across the EU, which falls short of the government's proposal that 3 million jobs in the UK are because of UK membership of the EU and we would be able to trade with the whole of the world which makes us and the people we trade with richer. Yes, it does, you economic retard.

"Nor would we get any regional funding from the EU (which totalled £10bn between 2000 and 2006)."

Head in hands at this point. Tell you what, Jim. You give me a million pounds and I'll give you 500,000 back and then you can thank me for making you half a million quid richer. How's that?

Murphy will say that, as a medium-sized country with a successful economy and professional military forces, Britain without the EU would still have influence but it would be throwing away the added clout it gets from coordinating with European partners on international policy priorities such as international development, Kosovo and Burma.
How is losing our individual voice on the world stage and deciding for ourselves losing influence? We seem to be able to decide to go to war well enough on our own.

The minister will also hail the EU's work on fighting international crime and terrorism, adding that safety standards at work, on British roads and in imported goods have been raised thanks to the EU.
At huge and unnecessary cost to us and the people across the world we have regulated out of the market. Well done.


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