Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bed Wetting Windbag

Consider me unsurprised at the latest behaviour of the Clan Kinnock.

Stephen Kinnock, the director of the St Petersburg office of the British cultural centre, was stopped by police on suspicion of drink-driving after his car was followed home on Tuesday night. Mr Kinnock was detained in his car for an hour after pleading diplomatic immunity against a breath test, until the British Consul-General arrived to secure his release.

I am always filled with disgust when I think of that family. Neil Kinnock who was part of the Santer Commission which resigned en masse for being shitty, corrupt fuckers now heads up the British Council. Stephen Kinnock, who looks strangely like he may have been drink driving else why would he have refused a breath test, also works at the British council, although sues people for saying that he got his job because his father is the boss. Glenys Kinnock is an MEP who thinks that the EU s a jolly good thing, and just the ticket for helping poor people in the third world because they are awfully good at holding receptions. The daughter, Rachel, works for the One Eyed Goblin King The family have done rather at making money from the EU. The British Council, I understand, also pays the legal fees for the Kinnocks to sue people.

Le Grande Fromage did the same thing to the Brussels mag 'The Sprout' when they said that he may have been involved in some unsavoury activities involving members of Camden Council and also how much the value of his property in Brussels was worth. My memory of the debacle, which I am sure Eliab will be able to inform me of much better, was that he did not own all those houses but some of them were owned by members of his family.

The Press are notably shy, therefore, about writing about this family because like most other families descended from Welsh miners, they have unlimited resources at the expense of the tax payer which allows them to get on with sucking at the public tit in relative peace and quiet.

You didn't vote for him to be Prime Minister three times, the man even lost an election to John Major, and yet you are still paying his wages.

Bet you love that.


Mr Eugenides said...

Can't disagree with much of that.

I should say for the sake of fairness that the Russian police are using harassment techniques against British Council employees in an attempt to intimidate the - oh, fuck it, stick the guy in jail.

Anonymous said...

Don't they run Gulags anymore?

I'd howl with laughter if the kinnocky sprog ended up in a wooden crate in Kolyma, learning how to p*ss on a crust of stale bread to stop it freezing.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Yup, Mr E has it spot on.