Thursday, January 31, 2008

The European Parliament has voted 592 - 26 to ban patio heaters. It was an own initiative report from Fiona Hall, the sandal wearing Lib Dem who decided that people who had the audacity to want to be warm when they went outside should burn in hell, or at least not be able to.
6. Urges the Commission to establish timetables for the withdrawal from the market of all the least energy-efficient items of equipment, appliances and other energy-using products, such as patio heaters;

The report can be found here.

What makes me wonder is that since only 26 people voted against it, who from the UK didn't? We can safely assume that the Greens and Lib Dems voted for it, and Labour. But those figures also mean that Tories voted to ban them as soon as possible. The Commission says they will be drawing up the legislation, so start investing in jumpers. Or, move to a country which isn't run by anti democratic, stalinist morons.

I will have the Roll Call Vote results tomorrow.

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