Monday, January 07, 2008

Bad things I shouldn't laugh at

Appear to have blogging equivalent of verbal diarrhoea, but felt the need to write one more thing for the day before I forget.

It was on the subject of Anne Frank: The Musical which my friends and I are a little dubious about. Some of the songs we have come up with so far for it could be questionable at best, including 'Waterjew' "The first Cut is the Deepest"- during a bris (Jewish circumcision)and 'Only the Lonely'. (I would like to point out at this point that the person coming up with the idea and most of the songs is also jewish.

It was during a discussion today that colleague decided to recite what he thought Anne Frank's diary did actually say:

Monday: Stayed in
Tuesday: Stayed in
Wednesday: Stayed in
Thursday: Stayed in
Friday: Stayed in
Saturday: stayed in
Sunday: Stayed in

I laughed, but I know I shouldn't have. But then Anne Frank the Musical? Purlease!

(The Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam is V good, though, and should be a must for anyone going to the city. Try not to go with Germans, since it makes you angry and it could be awkward. That's not racist, it's just that German loving me felt mighty pissed off to them after I'd been to the house.)

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