Monday, January 07, 2008

I have been tagged

By The Curly and Ever humorous Katy to write down "my media week". So, here goes!

What I read
This week I have read most of the national newspapers today and the Sunday Express and the Mail on Sunday, to remind myself of how shit the world is.
I am also just about to read the Evening Standard.
I left my copy of Private Eye in the office so finished off that, too.
I also read the RHS magazine as it was in the bathroom.
But no books, it seems. That can't be right. I normally find at least one piece of trash to entertain myself with.

Ah, I know why. It's because I had to read a lot of boring work documents instead and I didn't bring my glasses home.

What I watched
The easist way of summing this up would be 'most things on Dave' excluding Dragon's Den but including Top Gear, Whose line is it anyway and QI.
Am also loving the BBC adaptation of Sense and Sensibility, although Greg Wise was much dishier as Willoughby.
The News, obviously, including 16 hours of Kay Burley looking very serious and concerned when asking some chap what was happening with Britney Spears. In fact, it almost looked like she was covering a proper news story.
Lots of episodes of friends as I lost the telly stick in my room which was stuck on E4. I, personally, think it was the cat playing a trick on me and trying to get me to watch Big Brother 100000000.

What I listened to
My iPod, which includes such delights as Tristan und Isolde, Chopin Etude in E and Schubert Impromptu No. 3, pointing me to think that 'third time lucky' also worked in composing piano music.
Crazy music for running around with at the gym including Hixxy 'Injected with a poison' and Trinity 'Like the Sun'.
Radio 4 - lots of
Argentine Tango and Salsa

What I surfed
Oh, blogs, bbc news, news wires, facebook, (which is providing much amusement for me. Seriously, who makes their username 'studmuffin steve'?)and newspaper websites when I could not manage to go out in the rain and walk to the newsagents.

There. That okay, Ms Katy?


Katy Newton said...

Not bad, studmuffin. You are more highbrow whan what I am.

Anonymous said...

$4,785 for my old carcass, just shows that being an overweight, balding, 47 year old UKIP Councillor doesen't make you titally worthless!