Thursday, January 03, 2008

I despair of this country, I really do. When a woman hands herself into a police station because she reprimanded some horrid little brat by slapping him because he was vandalising a war memorial you have to wonder when people are going to turn around and go 'enough!'

Mrs Lake's father was a WWII fighter pilot and so understandably was rather cross at this wanton act of destruction by children thinking it amusing to ride their bikes across the flowers at a memorial garden, so she slapped the kid.

Mrs Lake previously said she would be willing to spend time in prison if it helped banish vandalism at the site, which she said had been targeted by a gang of youths over the past two years.

She accused police of failing to follow up her complaints about graffiti and other hooliganism in the memorial garden

Well, why would the police bother with doing anything about these children when they have motorists to arrest for doing 3 miles over the national speed limit? Nothing will happen to these irritating brats and the treatment they probably need, as I am frequently telling my social worker mother, is a clip round the ear and no play station until they are mature enough to survive without irritating other people.

This brat reported Mrs Lake to the police, and the police should have told the kid to bugger off and if he was vandalising property again they'd send Mrs Lake after him.

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Rob said...

I saw this in the Metro this morning. It's so stupid. Had she been a celebrity like Clarkson or Denis Wise she would have got away with it.

My Dad used the steal the games console trick. It bloody worked as well.