Thursday, January 31, 2008

As if you needed more proof

About the fuckers who reside in the European Parliament.

Dan Hannan said that is was only his personal respect for Hans-Gert Poettering
prevented him from comparing a European Parliament move to tighten procedural rules with Hitler's Nazi law of 1933 which suspended parts of the German constitution and gave Hitler total power.

Pottering had been granted powers to overrule MEP tactics designed to 'disrupt' the business of the House but which weren't against the rules and were, in fact, quite clearly permitted by the rules.

German Socialist leader in the European Parliament Martin Schulz condemned Mr Hannan: "It was an insult to Hans-Gert Poettering and to the whole European Parliament.

"The reaction of Joseph Daul showed he is a very honest man. People like Hannan are not only not speaking on behalf of conservatives in Europe - they have no home in the European Parliament. They are entirely isolated.

"(Tory leader) David Cameron should reflect on whether such people so close to right-wing extremists have a place in his Party."

This person gets to vote on legislation which affects your life, and thinks that Joseph Daul is a good bloke, even though he has a very dodgy past with large amounts of money and farmers. He thinks that someone who wants free speech and accountability is a right wing extremist and that Hannan, top of the list in the South East, is isolated.

Someone pressed the button marked 'Ostrich' a long time ago, I think. Fucking arseholes, they make me so angry. They are so intent on this euro nationalism that they think that removing democracy and basic freedoms are perfectly reasonable, nay essential, to quell any opposition.

Graham Watson, leader of the multinational Liberal and Democrat (ALDE)
group, said: "By comparing a vote today in the European Parliament with a vote in the Reichstag in 1933, UK Conservative MEP Daniel Hanna is plumbing new depths in UK-EU relations and in the Tories' approach to democracy in the EU.

"I trust that David Cameron will waste no time in dissociating himself from such an offensive remark."

By saying that he wants some democracy in the EU? An odd idea to you and your fellow Lib Dems I suppose, you hateful man. After all, you are the party who won't support a referendum on the Constitutional Treaty in Westminster even though you promised it in your manifesto.

Fuck you, Toady, you odious, hideous example of human life. Go beg the interpreters for a job when it comes to election time and you don't think you'll get back in. Hitler got the parliament to give him powers so he could arbitrarily decide what was allowed and what wasn't. That fuckface Pottering has been given powers by the European Parliament to allow him to interpret the rules and decide what is allowed and what isn't.

Cunts like Gary Titley, Graham Watson and Schultz should pull their heads out of their fundamental orifices and see what's actually going on, and if they disagree they should do the decent thing and stop taking wages for ruining this country, and then go very, very far away from decent society.

I hate you.


Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Yep, I ran something a couple of days ago on these bastards, particularly Potty Untrained.

Now to important matters. I throw myself on your mercy, Trixy. I know I've been away instead of here terrorizing you but it's going to change - I plan to be a bad smell round your blog henceforth.

[By the way, I don't do Facebook on principle.]

Anonymous said...

Hannan shows the way while Nigel runs away.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Dan Han was doing pretty well until he apologised. For what exactly? For making a possibly provocative, but historically accurate comparison?

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Oh Trixy, are you over in Europe again?