Friday, January 04, 2008

Not the way they intended...

I see that a woman has won £6000 in damages because she was discriminated because she was straight. Sharon Legg worked at a gay nightclub where she was called "breeder" and "straight" in a derogatory manner.

I am guessing this is the law which originated in the EU and caused issue when it was ratified by Westminster because the parliament decided not to exclude catholic adoption agencies from it.

I suspect when this was passed politicians didn't think it would be used this way round, in much the same way that racial discrimination never seems to happen to white people...

The director of the company, Nick King, which owns the club is on the Council Cabinet in Bournemouth and is the Tory PPC for Mid Dorset and North Poole, which is a bit unlucky for him.

"breeder"? What about gay people who adopt? pfft.


The Wild Man of the Highlands said...

"breeder"? What about gay people who adopt? pfft.


Anonymous said...

"racial discrimination never happens to white people"
What do you think affirmative action is?

Born Today said...

I think the point she was making was that while it may happen on a daily basis, nothing will be done about it - or it won't even be seen.

Unless it's a white, one legged, *insert oddity here* - but only because its a disabled xxxxx.