Monday, January 21, 2008

One of the most painful meetings of my life...

I am a tad busy today, what with the EU Constitution being debated in the House of Commons, where I think the plan of the government is to bore everyone into agreeing.

However, I have to get off my chest my anger towards a group of people who I challenge the Devil and Mr E to come up with a suitable death for.

On Saturday I went along to the Fabian Society and their New Year Conference. Batshit was addressing the main hall at 10am and afterwards there were a series of workshops. I attended the one on 'Europe' (I presume they meant the EU) as Nigel Farage attended to try to insert a semblance of knowledge into the debate with Margot Wallstrom, James Purnell, Quentin Davies and Polly Toynbee. Given this line up, how could I not organise a ticket for the Fiery Demon of Hell himself?

James Purnell, the Minister for Culture who refused to answer a question by Nigel Farage on how the Constitutional Treaty and this 'Lisbon Treaty' were substantially different. The hateful man, who tried to imply that UKIP were fascists (oh, sweetest of ironies) then shouted at Mr Farage that he had answered the question. Well, I was sitting opposite him and I didn't hear the answer.

Quentin Davies tried to comment on people doing the decent thing. This from a man who said "what could I do but cross the floor to Labour" when explaining why he defrauded thousands of people in his constituency who voted for a Conservative. Resign, hold a by election and stand as the Labour candidate, perhaps? Or is that too much risk and bother for you?

Polly Toynbee. Now, how can someone with such a lot of money buy such awful clothes? And those glasses? Now, I'm not criticising interesting frames. I am wearing a rather splendid pair of mui mui specs myself, but those green things, ouch! And that stripy coat...did that used to be a rug? Anyway, she, in her wisdom, thinks that people in Britain are "xenophobic little englanders" because we don't want to be run by the European commission civil servants and we don't want excess bureaucracy. Well Polly, I think you are a narrow minded fortress europer. So there.

My main bile and hatred will go for Commissioner Wallstrom, whose experience in a real job I am finding hard to locate, but who decided that slander was the way forward.

So ignorant is she of anything outside her tax payer funded cushy life that she accused Nigel Farage and UKIP of being in the Identity, Sovereignty and Tradition party in the European Parliament. You know, those nice chaps filled with Le Pen and Mussolini. Notwithstanding that this group doesn't exist anymore, Mr Farage has been co chair of the Independence and Democracy Group since 2004 and shares the leadership with a former communist.

This is a woman who said on the 11th November 2006 that the Red Lines Britain had secured on the Charter of Fundamental Rights were not "set in stone" and yet doesn't think that Britain should have a referendum even though one of the reasons for denying us one was these so called Red Lines which were decided before the June summit.

If europhiles could please let me know any substantial differences between the two documents I'd be grateful. I ran into Hilary Benn and asked him the same question but he couldn't answer me.

Not accepted answers:
The flag, anthem etc. because not only are these inserted in a protocol signed by 16 countries, they have also been around since 1986, the flag has the same status as the Cross of St George and does not need planning permission and Ode to Joy was played at the signing of the Charter with MEPs and other assorted knobs standing to attention as if it were their national anthem. Which for these new breed of euronationalists, it is.

I am going to the House of Commons shortly. I will be taking notes.


Vindico said...

Bloody hell. Polly, Purnell, Davies, and Margot. What a line up! I would have liked to have been there. Provides one with all kinds of ammunition. And the ignorance of these people doesn't surpise me in the least, they are allergic to thought and intellect.

Quiet_Man said...

Pollywobbles on Cif now telling all and sundry what a good president Wallstrom will make. As ever she's being picked apart by the "usual suspects" :-D

Anonymous said...

Just remind me which European Parliament group Ashley Mote joined?

Trixy said...

Ashley Mote joined ITS my dear, but he has never sat as a UKIP MEP so do try to stay relevant and get your facts straight if you're going to huddle around here moaning.

Roger Thornhill said...


Have them stand in a line, then shoot one .50 round through them all. To do otherwise is to waste ammunition.

Polly speaks of herself. She is the self-loather and builds the pathetic, quisling exterior to try and delude her sponge* otherwise.

* a sponge with the word "brain" written on it is not a brain, btw.