Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dan Hannan expelled

Daniel Hannan has been expelled from the EPP group in the European Parliament.

Dan was key in highlighting the anti democratic nature of the European Parliament who think than banning debate and free speech is a perfectly acceptable thing to do. Mind you, considering the press coverage in the UK on the issue, and the way the BBC heirarchy decided not to film the protest calling for a referendum in the EP (nothing to do with their funding from the Commission I am sure...) one could say that our Westminster village don't think it's too bad.

However, Dan decided to lay his opinions down straight and, quite rightly in my opinion, compared the actions of Hans Gert twatface Pottering to that of Hitler and his 1933 Enabling Act which enabled Adolf Hitler to pass laws without the inconvenience of getting the approval of the Reichstag.

Of course, Dan's colleagues will probably think that he brought it upon himself for actually standing up for the people who elected him to be an MEP as they would rather keep quiet about being sceptical in the EP and carry on claiming their wages and expenses and hope that the people at home don't notice and reelected them.

Dan has been reselected in the South East for 2009...I wonder what the Tories will do about this now?

Nigel Farage, UKIP leader, praised Dan for having courage in his convictions.


Anonymous said...

Poor old Nigel. He's never going to match Hannan for style. He must be sick as a dog.

Trixy said...

Er, not really.

Anonymous said...

Look I am not trying to be rude or unpleasant but England Expects (to which you link) has a rather more considered posting on this. I find that is often the case.