Monday, December 01, 2008

To be expected

I really should stop being shocked and disgusted when lovers of the EU model come out with a statement which firmly sticks two fingers up to democracy. All we need to do is look at the reaction of the EU tyrants following democratic referendum in France, The Netherlands and both first times in Ireland.They don't, it's fair to say, like it up 'em, the eurowuzzies.

One of the benefits of having a control freak for Chancellor was that he wasn't so keen to hand away control of our financial independence to Johnny Foreigner which meant we didn't join the euro. Thankfully there was also enough opposition at the time to make such a move unlikely even with. Blair in charge. And the Tories made some noises about certainly not introducing it for the next five years.

But lo! That permatanned buffoon Barroso has this morning told a French radio station that 'the people who matter in Britain' are now saying that if this country hadn't been in control of its monetary policy but had instead been in the Euro then the crisis we now face wouldn't have been so bad.

I think it's unlikely that that's the case because we still would have had a Labour government who make trying to bankrupt the country something of a hobby of theirs and Barroso fails to mention how business regulation, employment law and financial regulations now derive from the EU. The FSA in this country is very strict also.

I should imagine that, considering that this crisis is one of the financial sector which has spread then the country with the biggest banking sector would feel it more.

But what really got me in this interview was the proud way the fuckwit thinks that the politicians are the most important people.In your simpering EU that is the case because it's not a democracy and the power is with the apparachiks. But in Britain, you hideous monstrosity, the most important people are the people. That's people like me, not people like you. You, well okay, not you considering you're unelected and most people don't know who the fuck you are then maybr you're a bad example. The people you refer to, these important people who have brought the country to its knees with their and your incompetence, are there to serve us.Not the other way round.

They may have forgotten it but I for one am very keen that they get a timely reminder of who is boss.

Oh, and why will Ireland suddenly 'understand' the Lisbon Constitution the next time around?

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