Sunday, December 14, 2008

Large combustion elephant in the room

Within hours of the referendum results being declared, the Department for Transport said it would press ahead with development of the costly series of studies which would underpin a pay-as-you-drive scheme, which could see motorists paying up to £1.30 a mile to drive in the rush hour.

The results of the referendum appears to cast serious doubt on the Government's ability to deliver an acceptable road pricing scheme.

Almost 80 per cent of voters in Greater Manchester rejected the proposed congestion charging scheme, which would have seen commuters paying up to £5 a day to travel in and out of the city centre during the rush hour in return for a substantial investment in local trains, trams and buses.

That's because there is this rather expensive, failing, vanity project of the EU's called Galileo which needs to be paid for.

There is no need for it, no one wants it, the EU can't find businesses to continue to invest so surprise fucking surprise! The traditional socialist answer of shafting the tax payer and not telling them the truth has been brought out.
Since 18 May 2007, at the recommendation of Transport Commissioner Jacques Barrot, the EU took direct control of the Galileo project from the private sector group of eight companies called European Satellite Navigation Industries, which had abandoned this Galileo project in early 2007.

These people don't care.

To them, you and your views are merely an inconvenience to be ignored.

Don't want road pricing? Leave the EU.

It's not fucking rocket science.


swindon_alan said...

Trixy for Home Secretary.


Join LPUK honey.

Trixy said...

No, thanks. Happy supporting UKIP.

swindon_alan said...

It was worth a try :-p

BrianSJ said...

Paying for road occupancy was EU thinking 15 years ago. They won't change their minds.