Sunday, December 21, 2008

Leaders of Europe?

Have a look at this tv show which has as guests UKIP leader Nigel Farage and Tory MEP for the South East of England.

Across the table from them is a really hideous creature who has crawled out from under his EU rock: Gay Mitchell. He really is one of the dumbest people I've ever heard although he's probably quite bright compared to some other MEPs.

After 30 seconds of speaking you can see that his reason for existing is to stop the British taking over Ireland. That's why there has to be as second referendum: so the Irish (who, as he will tell you, are doing very well as a sovereign nation with 75% of their laws made by the EU), can let the British know that they don't want them back.

I heard an anecdote this week that Mr Mitchell was often to be heard talking about how his father fought the British and for Irish independence for the whole of his life. To which Dan Hannan replied that was odd, because his father was only born in 1934.


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