Sunday, December 28, 2008

Trixy does BBC

Not in a Debbie Does Dallas kind of way, in a 'let's not report a story in anything like an unbiased manner. But then, I'm not funded to the tune of millions by people who have no fucking choice so, what do I care?

Quite. Not much.

It's not too tricky to work out which side I am on in the whole 'Middle East' debacle. (David Miliband's, of course) and this little piece of news which has managed to reach me even though I am in the middle of nowhere really does rather fuck me off and reinforce my prejudices that Hamas are Nasty Cunts.

Egypt says the Hamas militant group, which controls Gaza, is preventing hundreds of wounded Palestinians from leaving for treatment in Egypt.

Cairo says dozens of empty ambulances are at the Rafah crossing - the only one to Gaza which avoids Israel.

I know there are lots of people out there who think that Israel are always wrong but I, once again, don't blame them. The cease fire is over, Hamas like firing rockets at them: go for it, I say.

I was rather fair and said that I could see why the Palestinians decided not to renew the ceasefire

I am STILL bloody waiting for the EU and government to inform me how much we, the hard up tax payer, fund the terrorists but I guess I'll have to wait until they come back from hols. So sometime around March, then...

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