Saturday, November 29, 2008

Question That.

Now the centre piece for the Christmas table has been sorted (it's a model of Our Lord in silver glitter which has a face alarmingly similar to that of Jeremy Clarkson) I can begin to relax and try to express some of the anger which has been building up inside of me.

Firstly, I am rather glad that UKIP don't take part in free holidays for MEPs at the expense of the tax payer European Parliament delegations. Because had they been then Nigel Farage would have been in India with all the other MEPs and the most eloquent voice on British withdrawal from the EU could have gone bye byes.

But it seems that if a big disaster happens then questioning what people were doing in the situation in the first place isn't allowed. It's insensitive, or some such bullshit. The reason I know this is because I dared to suggest that I wasn't surprised that the MEPs in Bombay were staying in the most expensive hotel in the city I was met with people making that stupid sucking in air noise.

'You can't say things like that when they could have been in danger'

I fucking can.

What did they think they were doing there in the first place? A load of MEPs on the International Trade committee, most of whom don't know the first fucking thing about International Trade because I've sat through hours of listening to them praise trade tariffs and compensation schemes to inefficient businesses in the past. They go to a country they have no reason to go to, stay in the most expensive hotels, go out to fancy restaurants and get taken round all the sights and guess who pays for it.

Yup, that's right. You and me: Johnny and Jane Tax Payer.

Do we get asked if we want these people to fanny around in India? Do we bugger. We don't even get told that the trip is happening, who is going, what they are doing and how much it is going to cost. We don't get told how little power they have, how the trip was essentially a jolly and that the power is all in the hands of the European Commission.

And apparently, because no one in the European Parliament thought it was a dumb idea going to India to interfere in things they shouldn't only days after air strikes in Pakistan when there was a high alert on AND stay in the most obvious tourist target, we're supposed to feel sorry for them.

I'd be sad if the one MEP I like who went got hurt but apparently because lunatics ran around with guns being demented fundamentalist shit heads, we're not supposed to question why they were there, wasting our money. But the rest, well, they are no better to the other people who suffered in the violence. In fact, in my mine they're somewhat down my list because they had a choice whether to go and were costing me money in doing so.

Of course, if they hadn't have been in that pickle, would we have heard about it at all? I doubt it, for there was nothing there they could have done which would have made any difference which begs the question, why were they there at all?

I don't want my trade policy to be made by the EU. Hell, I don't want any decisions to be made by the EU as I have said a squillion times before. But trade is particularly important because it's so key to our wealth and the wealth of other countries. India is very important in British trade policy because it's one of the countries which we should be engaged in free trade with as a Commonwealth country.

And I resent being told that I can't comment on how my money is spent and how I am being governed because of outside forces. You might not want to say anything but I'm not PC like you. So you can nibble away at your fingernails and bite your lip and wonder if you're allowed to say what you are feeling. But question what kind of democracy we are supposed to live in where there's a moral code on what you think.


James Higham said...

Hmmm ...

Anyway, anything happening on the shoes front, Tixy?

The Penguin said...

Typical. Standards are slipping, can't even trust militant terrorists to kill the right people these days.

The Penguin