Tuesday, December 02, 2008

some things

A few things I want to write down before I forget:

1) I don't believe Jacqui Smith when she says she knew nothing about the arrest
2) I think Gordon Brown also knew about the arrest.
3) Why could Jacqui Smith not be contacted because she was in Brussels? Had everyone suddenly become paralysed or developed narcolepsy? I can contact people in fucking meetings in Brussels, it's not that tough.
4) Jacqui Smith's face looks like an arse someone has stuck a mouth on.
5) I find this video which I viewed at the Miserable Old Git's place rather amusing and accurate:

6) I am on quite strong pain killers.


swindon_alan said...

When is the tooth drilling scheduled for, you poor lamb?

Trixy said...

Tooth is in a couple of weeks time. Back is ongoing.

Poor me.