Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Recession? What recession?

It may seem like a small issue to many people but to me it epitomises this terrible snd truly dangerous government. At at time when we are facing fears of deflation, of repossession and bumper borrowing burdening tax payers for years to come, our foolish, self appointed moral guides have decided to waste time and money on an issue which will further burden small businesses.

This nonsense about banning cigarette displays will have no impact on the number of people who smoke but it will land struggling shops with an additional and unnecessary cost which makes the small tac concessions in the PBR seem rather insignificant.

I smoke and I know which shops sell tobacco, so when I have run out of my stock of duty free in a few months time (I'm not paying those fucking prices when I have friends and relatives regularly travelling abroad) I will go into the shop and ask for my usual brand in a loud voice.

As, I suspect, all other smokers will. We're not dribbling, lobotomised retards, you see. We know the type of shops that sell tobacco products and knowing that the Health Soviet have insisted they are hidden under the counter isn't going to make us forget that.

All it does is show us that these freaks who run the show care more about installing their master programme for producing Nu Labourite Robots than they do about trying to cut costs for struggling small businesses.

I sincerely hope they all lose their seats at the next election and then can't find jobs to highlight what their economic inadequacies have done to this country. Unless it's filing claims for back injuries from shop workers forced to stoop down all the time. And I hope they get the sodding bill.


swindon_alan said...

That is assuming that there is another election, ever Trixy.

Anonymous said...

Can't agree Trixie, the governments action to ban the display of tobacco products will be a big boost to one of our fastest growin industries and a branch of the economy that encourages enterprise, inventiveness and independence.

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