Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ganley: he is pro EU

Make no mistake, Declan Ganley is not the Irish version of Nigel Farage.

He might be against the EU treaty, but he's in favour of the European Union and consequently of unelected civil servants making the laws on behalf of the Irish people.

What's really annoyed me about this person and his plan for an EU wide Libertas party is that there is no need for him in the UK. The Conservative Party are a pro EU party who aren't in favour of the Lisbon Treaty and are also labouring under the misapprehension that other EU leaders give a flying fuck what they are saying about reform.

But he will also muddy the waters in the UK and could take votes away from people who think Ganley is anti EU. All that will do is see federalists getting more MEPs in 2009.

During the Irish referendum campaign UKIP made sure they kept out of it, not wanting to mix the message that saying NO to Lisbon meant saying NO to the EU. The Irish would have also reacted badly to what they would see as British interference.

Of course, as anyone who has paid the slightest bit of attention to the EU, saying NO to the Lisbon Treaty in reality does mean leaving, or saying yes again. For, although I know I sound like the broken record, the EU do not care what the voters think, what the people who pay their wages think. They have a plan, a mission and do not care for deviating away from that. They have ignored many, many democratic referendums in the past and they will again in the future. For them, voting NO means that you are either a racist or you didn't understand the question.

As someone who has defended Mr Ganley but who doesn't particularly like him, I think it would serve him right if the British went and jumped all over the second referendum. He quite clearly doesn't care about other organisations, even ones who have cooperated with him, so let's wipe the slate clean and start again. After all, having an unratified treaty doesn't do anti EU campaigners any good, does it. It let's the Conservative party make out that they are the defenders of national democracy (quite how they have the gall to is something I don't get but then they are politicians) rather than showing them to be as wet as a saturated sponge when it comes to the EU.

To quote a proper defender of British sovereignty, rather than a man with only his own future as a real concern:

UKIP leader Nigel Farage said "I think it will come as a surprise to many to learn just how pro-EU Mr Ganley is. When he says that Europe is too important to fail and that it is important to all our futures, then you begin to see the true picture.

"Ukip remains the only party committed, absolutely clearly, to Britain leaving this political union and becoming a free and sovereign state once again. One where our laws are made by us for ourselves, rather than the vast majority being made in Brussels."

I do hope that people don't get confused and vote Libertas thinking it will mean they're voting for a party interested in doing something for the UK. Mr Ganley isn't that fond of us as this latest action clearly shows.

And don't forget all those budget flights to Ireland that are available!


Anoneumouse said...

I am not a supporter of UKIP


First goal.....stop this Lisbon what ever means

Second goal withdrawal from whatever means

Infighting weakens the cause


Why are we EUsceptics so up our selves

Country before polotics

Trixy said...

You might be up yourself, however I am a realist.

We will not be able to stop this Lisbon Treaty until we have a government which wants to stop it before it is ratified and once it is ratified we will not be out of it until we have a government which wants to withdraw from the EU.

Ganley wants reform, much like the Tories and Open Europe (who I like to call Better Off In).

In this time where we have a media and a political class not giving clear messages on the EU, the direction it's going in, the real stance of political parties and the what the chances of reform really are I am not happy at the prospect of yet another pro EU party standing in the UK and telling the British people that they are the people to vote for if they want their interests protected.

Because it's simply not true.

Don't like Lisbon?

Leave the EU. Because they want it, and if they don't get it they'll just put another treaty forward. If the UK opt out then we'll still be fucked. The European Court of Justice is supreme after all.

James Higham said...

Nevertheless, Trixy, Declan Ganley put a spoke in their wheel but this time round he's up against it.

Trixy said...

In a country where he isn't needed and could well ensure mad panting federalists get more MEPs. His line is the same as the Tory party and he'll try to steal UKIP votes too.

It also shows that Ganley isn't one to be trusted. The Brits stayed out of Ireland and now he's wading in over here where there is no vacancy. It's not like UKIP and the Tories; there are clear distinctions.

What spoke has he really done? Anyone with even a slight level of realism would know a NO vote would just mean a second referendum which is not breaking news because it's what the EU do all the time.

The media and our politicians either know this or can't quite grasp that the EU is an evil organisation which doesn't care what we think or they like the fact it's an evil organisation which doesn't care.