Monday, December 22, 2008

strops and sequins

Strictly Come Dancing winner Tom Chambers should not have been allowed to dance in the final, according to fellow competitor Lisa Snowdon. The model and radio presenter was "fuming" after Holby City actor Chambers made it through to the last programme, her father said last night.
She felt he should have been eliminated in the semi-final last week after scoring lowest marks from the judges.

I actually agree everyone should have gone into the final because otherwise the public votes would not have counted at all and that would have not been fair. If it was to be a decision based on the judges and people at home then it had to be that way.

I can understand why Lisa was upset and "fuming" because Tom was actually popular with the public, what with bringing personality to his dancing and not seeming so self satisfied and falsly grateful. She knew she would be the first out in the final with Tom there because the only reason she got that far was because of the judges.

Now, as someone who actually ballroom dances I am well aware of the fact that the best people should stay on. I was rather annoyed after the weeks progressed with John staying on because he ceased to amuse me. But for me, Lisa was not the best because she didn't add that je ne c'est pas to her dancing.

Therefore, when Austin went, I transferred my support to the other dancer who got the point of the competition.

You didn't win but you took part in a competition millions of people would love to have the opportunity to do. Get over it, love.

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Prodicus said...

You dance. Properly. I am impressed.

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I think the guys who programme the world's WVs are smoking something new. Every single one these days is an almost-word.

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