Sunday, December 14, 2008

The government being deceptive? Surely not.

I'm not a big watcher of 'sports personality of the year', mainly because it's a contradiction in terms. (Unless 'personality means 'saying 110 per cent a lot). But I was a bit miffed that Chris Hoy has won this year after hearing from Mr E that he was quite up for brain washing by the ridiculous and nonsensical SNP. That wasn't the most nonsense on the TV today, though.

The government are trying to say they've only given 6 million to Pakistan when in fact tax payers have given 428 million. A bit of a difference.

This is only a week after the hard up Joe, struggling to pay his bills, has given 6 BILLION to Africa so a few murderous corrupt fuckers can buy some more diamond encrusted Lear Jets with our money. Who decided that? Some bleeding heart socialist with no concept of business or economics.

There are also snow storms across Europe. Funny, because I thought the brown rice and lentil brigade, amongst whom I include the government, Tory leadership and Lib Dems, were telling us that because we didn't cycle everywhere and run our houses on wind power, we wouldn't be able to ski again.


Like you are on practically everything. So can you just fuck off and let us live our lives without you permanently trying to inflict more pain and misery?

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Prodicus said...

Hoy's not a Nat according to this:
Hoy is a Unionist and has Salmond's number. He declines to dance to the First Minister's tune and his victory will be cursed by Nats.