Monday, December 22, 2008

It's hardly rocket science

Well, well well. Whodathunkit. Increases in child benefits have led to an additional 45,000 children being born in a year. There is a particular boom amongst poor women since Labour made having children a profitable enterprise.

Hands up who is in the slightest bit surprised?

This is a classic example of why we must stop rewarding people for being reproductively irresponsible. I do not want to pay for 16 year olds to have more chavvy children and continue this cycle of 'it's my rights innit' culture.

Analysis of household survets found large numbers of poorly educated women who said they were not using contraception because they wanted to have children.

Either shut your fucking legs or use contraception and get a fucking job until you can afford to have children. Because I see no bloody reason why I should have to pay through the nose for your lifestyle choice.

*I hope Mark Wadsworth doesn't regret appointing me in his cabinet now.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Trixy, this is why you were appointed.

But be careful here (as our Welfare Reform minister will point out), there are two main kinds of child benefit.

1. Proper flat rate, non-means tested child benefit which is flat rate £20 pw for first child and £15 for subsequent (all figures approx.). We have no problems with this as it is less than the cost of bringing up a child so does not encourage baby farming.

2. The evil part is "Child Tax Credits" - see here for why. That's the bit that we'll get rid of.

Trixy said...

No, that's okay. A token amount I can manage to ensure starvation doesn't happen.

It's the hundreds of pounds a week, 'free' this, 'free' that and have a house whilst others struggle to get a deposit together which I can't fucking stand.

Lola said...

Well, the state has made an excellent offer to young women. "We will pay you to have children as long as you do not get a job and do not at any price get married or have a long term partner and make sure that you keep the identity of the father(s) of your children secret.

So, if you are nubile young woman, what, pray, is the rational choice?