Tuesday, December 02, 2008

can we please get some perspective

This is a government who have all but bankrupted this country, who look up opposition MPs for exposing their failures, who break manifesto pledges without so much as blushing and who are so irresponsible they've left us with a future energy crisis.

But they don't care, because they're too busy implementing their moral programme such as banning smoking and taxing drinking both of which have led to pubs to close. It's bizarre: such is the fanatical extent of their scorched earth policy that even though there's a recession they refuse to revoke their fascist legislation which would at least help a few thousand small businesses as well as the related industry.
John Gaunt getting fired by TalkBollocks for pointing out that a councillor who wanted to stop smokers adopting was a cunt, these people can't face the truth that their obsessive desire to wipe any fun from our lives is replicating the Nazis. And it's not 'unacceptable' to say that because it's the fucking truth. You can deny it all you like, waving your lentils and your green tea around, mouthing like a gasping trout and shouting 'how dare you' but by trying to stop people saying it you are trying to rewrite history.

Germany had the world's strongest antismoking movement in the 1930s and early 1940s, encompassing bans on smoking in public spaces, bans on advertising, restrictions on tobacco rations for women, and the world's most refined tobacco epidemiology, linking tobacco use with the already evident epidemic of lung cancer. The anti-tobacco campaign must be understood against the backdrop of the Nazi quest for racial and bodily purity, which also motivated many other public health efforts of the era.

ZNL are just meany copy cats really! Naughty, naughty.

The reason for my particular outburst, apart from the fact I am in pain and feeling fucking miserable, is the latest ruling I don't agree with. From the Press Association:
A bar owner who has run up thousands of pounds in fines over his refusal
to ban smoking on his premises lost his licence today when the High Court ruled that he was breaking the law.

Hamish Howitt, who runs Del-boy's Sports bar in Rigby Road, Blackpool, continued to allow smoking inside the venue despite the introduction of the smoking ban in England in July 2007.

But today Judge Denyer, sitting at London's High Court, ruled he was obliged by health and licensing laws to treat smoking in his bar as a crime and prevent it.

Like how your taxes are being spent?

Here's another way they are, particularly if you are from Blackpool:
Peter Callow, leader of Blackpool Council, said: "Upholding this piece
of legislation has been very costly to Blackpool Council, both in terms of legal fees and officer time. I'm glad we can finally draw a line under it.

"We don't have a personal grudge against Mr Howitt. We have merely been enforcing the legislation given to us by Government.

"In Blackpool we take a hard stance against licensees who aren't meeting the licensing objectives.

"We want Blackpool to be a place where people can enjoy themselves in a safe environment and we will use all the powers we have to ensure this happens."

Well, I personally think that all those MPs who voted in favour of the smoking ban, mainly that hateful old sack of bile Patsy Hewitt, should pay out of their considerable wages and expenses.

And as for this crap about 'enjoying yourself in a safe environment'; to me that just sums up the mentality of these hateful people. Fun, in moderation. Pastimes we approve of and can control. Because clearly we, the people, who pay these insufferable knowitall twats, can't be trusted to look after ourselves. Jesus, can you imagine having to spend an evening with Peter 'nanny knows best' Callow? Monopoly would be off the cards because it could encourage reckless behaviour with mortgages, hell, there wouldn't even be any cards because it would encourage gambling and that's only okay if the government can tax you and get free presents. It'd be low sugar elderflower juice only with some parsnip crisps and a gentle jog around the park and you'll be grateful.

How are people considering voting for these bunch of decrepit morons again? A fourth fucking term? Bring on Alzheimer's because there'll be fuck all else if they have their way. If we can afford to get diseases, that is.

I'll leave the final word to Godfrey Bloom because 1) I like him and 2) He's the only politician to actually come out and say something about it. Presumably because it's not high profile enough our champion of liberty, David Davis, will be keeping schtum.
UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom said later: "This is an unbelievable verdict. At
a time when 35 pubs a week are closing and the whole sector is in terminal decline, such a judgment is just another kick in the teeth."

Enough's enough, really.


I'm NOT Aussie Pete! said...

A lovely rant.

Let me be the first to offer you a Victory Gin.

Trixy said...

awe, cheers mate!

James Higham said...

Enough might be enough but how to proceed from here?

Anti Eu said...

TalkBollocks? Brilliant.