Monday, December 15, 2008

Glorious and tasteful Christmas lights

Readers might have been subjected to rather vulgar displays of Christmas light displays to be found strewn liberally on the fronts of houses and, on rather special occasions, also in front gardens.

This is something of a splendid example:

Although I shall have to wait until I drive past tomorrow to get a snap of the full glory of the garden which is resplendent with reindeer and sleigh, Santa, snow men and, for reasons which Mingy and I can't fathom, trains.

Down the road there is also another house with a whole train between the ground and first floor bay windows which does need sharing.

Can someone explain to me why trains are festive? We were wondering whether it's because in the British version of the Christmas story, Mary and Joseph were going on Holiday to Egypt on South West Trains and because of engineering works they were diverted from Nazareth to Bethlehem and, because of this unexpected diversion, they didn't have any reservations.

Or is there a better explanation?

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Witterings From Witney said...

Lovely - no way! Bloody Gorgeous - Yes!

TransAtlantic said...

Traditional toy train-sets were a classic christmas present...... duh!


Trixy said...

Okay, so that partially explains it. But it's a bit sexist, isn't it? Why aren't people covering their houses in large fairy light dolls?

Old Holborn said...

To a fine art

Trixy said...

Oh you clever thing!