Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Financial Incentives: A guide

Why on earth should Hamas renew the peace deal when this government and the EU have flooded them with our money for not sticking to the cease fire. Hardly a fucking incentive to behave now, is it.

Let's not forget the rocket attacks they are rather keen on which only the other day killed 28 odd people.

There's a strategy for you, Brown, which would probably be usefully applied in the Department of Idle Buggers: Stop paying people for not playing by the rules. Want some money? Get a job. Can't find a job but try hard to find one? Fair play, we'll look after you. Want your people to not live in poverty:
1) Don't start a fucking war in the first place to cause gripes and moans about land disputes
2) Don't spend your money on rockets etc but try micro finance, ownership rights and education
3) Don't fucking kill people you said you wouldn't in order to get the funding in the first place you terrorist fuckheads.

And if you're in Africa then if I see you buy another Lear Jet with my money I shall wait until I have another particularly bad bout of PMT and, armed with a stalk of brussel sprouts, tell you exactly what I fucking think of you.


Roger Thornhill said...

Oh no Trixy, those 28 were killed "in retaliation" (irony).

The LAST thing rent-seeking Ham-arse wants is to have a peace deal. It ends their hegemony.

iain said...

The swearing is very tedious - if what you say is uninteresting then adding swearwords doesn't make it interesting.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

iain, the pomposity is very dull. If you don't have anything useful to say, then fuck off.

Trixy said...

Iain: Can I offer you a refund?

Oh, hold on...