Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sarko the Shit

Here's what he says in public:

When the people say "no", we cannot say the people are wrong. We must ask why they said "no".

We all know that the French "no" and the Dutch "no" to the European Constitution expressed far more than the rejection of a text, however important that was.

In that "no", there was a cry of anguish, a disappointment that was shared by millions of men and women in Europe who had begun to despair of Europe because they felt it no longer protected them, that it had become indifferent to the problems of their lives, that it was no longer speaking to them.

These "noes" were a disaster. They plunged Europe into the gravest crisis of its history. But this crisis, which could undo Europe, could also be salutary if it led all those who are unfailingly committed to its cause to reflect on the reasons for this disaffection and on the goals of this extraordinary human experiment that no-one had attempted before.

And here is what he says when he thinks he is surrounded by people as devious, dastardly and treacherous as he is:

President of France Nicolas Sarkozy said today in the Conference of Presidents: the French "no" to the Constitution was a catastrophe. He also said that France was just ahead of all the other countries in voting no. It can happen in all member states if they have a referendum - there is a cleavage between people and the governments in the member states. A referendum now would bring Europe in danger he said - there will be no Treaty if we had a referendum in France which would again be followed by a referendum in the UK.

Sarkozy informed that in the first weeks in 2008 France will ratify the Treaty.

And asked about the question on whether the EP could have only one seat he replied, that there will be no movement in the matter of the seat of the European Parliament.

Luckily, there were people in the meeting who aren't.

Possibly more alarming for the Prime Minister, although I can't see many people mentioning it in the mainstream press apart from Bruno Waterfield as perhaps it's a little too complicated for them, is that Sarkozy said that this treaty is not the last change.

"It would be a mistake to think that with the simplified treaty we have sorted everything, we can sleep easy and that no other issues are pending."

See that? We're not just going to have this little tidying up process and then all go on happy ever after. We are going to be a country called Europe. And the deafness which comes from the three main parties on this issue is exactly why I could never vote for the fuckers. The fact that a senior Tory Peer congratulated me on what I was doing and said it was vital to the future of the country (cue massive blushing) leads me to think that I am right not to.

Anyway, Sarko the Shit is planning on using France's presidency in 2008 to get new EU competences, including in defence. That's right. The right for this island to defend ourselves may be handed over to the EU. Well, we already have a Common Foreign and Security Policy and a load of EU embassies which just recreate the work done by our own, until they fold, so why shouldn't we? eh? If that's what the people want. Oh, no. We haven't even been asked. We won't be told either.

"Now we have got to resolve the political issues and to broach them without fear. We have got to debate them without taboos. Budgetary policy, trade policy, monetary policy, industrial policy, taxation, all policies, any policies."

Sarko. No wonder his wife left him. Question has to be, why did she marry the cunt in the first place?


Mark Wadsworth said...

Particularly irritating is the expression "Europe in danger" when he means "EU in danger". It's two different things.

Falco said...